Vendors - Broke LA 2018

Small Business Owner? Personal service provider? Part of a Nonprofit? BROKE LA is currently accepting Vendor submissions for the Broke Marketplace.

BECOME A VENDOR & Showcase your brand!

Showcase your brand or product to nearly 4,000+ potential new customers. Our ticket prices are low, which means our audience has more dough to spend on vendors like you. Get your goods in front of L.A.’s most vibrant, eclectic, and stylish festival goers and make an impact!

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Where is the Vendor Market?
The Vendor Market will be located in our outdoor lot, across from the Regent. There will be an outdoor Lagunitas bar, music all day, and so much more. Attendees who purchase a regular BROKE LA ticket will be allowed into this area. This will be the only major outdoor area for the festival, so we expect it to be well populated!

Do I have to vend for both days?
This is a two day weekend event and our priority will be to vendors who will use their space both days.

How much does it cost to be a BROKE LA Vendor?
-EARLY BIRD (April 1st): $225 (good for vending both days of festival)
-April 1st until we reach capacity: $275 (good for vending both days of festival)

And what do I get for that?
A 6 ft Vendor Table and two chairs in a 10’x10’ space. Vendors may provide their own table coverings. We encourage our vendors to make their spaces unique and eye catching to our attendees. If you'd like to forgo the table all together, that’s fine as well, just let us know! Electricity is available, please let us know ahead of time if it's essential that you have it.

What type of Vendors do you accept?
We want to spotlight the best of LA vendors, so as long as your product is safe, legal, and awesome, you stand a high chance of being selected. Here are some ideas-

  • Activity Vendors- Do you face paint or screen print? Do you read palms or provide personal grooming services? Take your trade live, and get walk up traffic to the tune of thousands of Angelenos.
  • Fashion Vendors – Set up a booth to sell your clothing- every piece you sell ends up being its own walking billboard as people carry it around the festival.
  • Crafts and Goods - We’re looking at you Etsy store owners! Sell your [insert DIY good] here at BROKE LA.
  • Food and Snacks - Thanks to the California Home Goods Act, amateur chefs and foodie enthusiasts can sell small batches of foodstuffs made in the comforts of their homes. So if you’ve been perfecting the next Cronut or Ramen Burger, our taste buds are waiting for you! Please note that we no longer accepting applications for food vendors. If you would like to be added to the wait list, email us at
  • Nonprofit Community Organizations - This is LA’s festival, and we want to showcase the causes that impact our city. Find your next batch of donors and volunteers, and connect with your community.

What promotional opportunities are available?
In addition to your vendor space, each vendor will receive placement on our website. We also featuring a rotating selection of certain highlighted vendors on our digital marketing platforms. Wanna upgrade your relationship and become a sponsor? Shoot us an email at

Is there electricity or WiFi?
Electricity is available throughout the space, but we can not guarantee it. Generic “wash” lighting will be provided for all vendors and you are welcome to bring your own specialized spotlighting with prior notice so we have time to accommodate the request. WiFi is unavailable. Specific information is given to vendors in their vendor packets after their acceptance.

Can I share a booth?
We will assess this on a case by case basis. If you feel that both businesses meet our guidelines for what we're looking for, do apply (together with ONE APPLICATION), and mention that you're interested in sharing a table. If only one business is accepted and the other is not, you will have the option to keep the table or let it go.

How will I know if I have been selected?
Each vendor will be notified of their acceptance, via email, according to the schedule dates. We will have a waiting list for those whose work we LOVE but just don't have enough space for. Everyone who applies is, unfortunately, not guaranteed acceptance.

Do I need a vendor permit or license?
All vendors are required to be licensed, legal businesses within their home state. By participating in the event, you are responsible for registering with the IRS and filing appropriate taxes.

Do I need insurance?
The event space provides insurance for those selling at the event. You'll need to sign a waiver. More information regarding this will be sent out in your vendor packet, if accepted.