Digital Bolex & 5­-Second Films present BROKE FILM

A No Budget Film Festival Pop Up Cinema

BROKE FILM will feature music video, animation, experimental, and more. BROKE LA has partnered with Digital Bolex, the world’s only digital 16mm camera, and longtime BROKE friends 5-Second Films to bring you a festival viewing experience like no other. The rolling film program will feature work from alums, brand new submission ­based selections, selections from our performing artists, and video art projection by No Budget Film Festival Director of Programming Joshua Wilmott, all in the #BROKE spirit. Full lineup below.

Woman Who Hates Plants

Morgan Miller

She likes cigarettes better.

Out Town Willow

Michael Lyons

A handmade super 8 document of a Spring afternoon in Kyoto, developed in instant coffee/vitamin C.

Exquisite Interval

Michael Lyons

Begun in the Tempelhofer Field, Berlin, in August 2013, this Super 8 film could finally be completed in August 2015, when the camera and film mysteriously re-surfaced at the Mauerpark Flohmarkt.

Hushed. Left. Jumped.

Bruno Carnide

A man speaks to the onlookers intimate moments of his life, which will eventually unveil his true essence. Faced with this reality, he decides to make a decision.

i N E E D Y o u 2 K n o w

Leila Jarman + Mike Leisz

Music video for L.A. Based artist Def Sound

N6-4Q: Born Free

Sasha Gransjean

The life of an aging man falls apart as he shares his final message.


Sasha Gransjean


Jaime Pardo

A trippy, menacing music promo that features a playful blend of stark geometrics, tattoo imagery and vibrating skulls.

The Quiet Girl

Evita Castine

A woman seeks comfort in her childhood home after a family tragedy.

Tipo Tropical, Roaches, and A Day With My Uncle

Julian Yuri Rodriguez

Tipo Tropical - A Miami vice inspired music video for Otto Von Schirach.
Roaches - A mayday video following my friend Sylvester.
A Day With My Uncle - My uncle on molly for the first time.

Dear Daughter

Rashonda Joplin

A daughter connects and responds to her mom's last request through dance at sunrise.

Free Fall with John and Yoko

Adam Badlotto

A man's injury is a constant reminder of an encounter with a famous Beatle.


Matthew Kaundart

A short documentary about Echo Park's giant glass sun-catcher called the Phanstasma Gloria and its eccentric creator.

The Cardboard Artist

Matthew Kaundart

"The Cardboard Artist" documents Calder Greenwood, an LA-based street artist who creates elaborate cardboard and paper mache installations throughout Los Angeles.

Frankfurter Str. 99a

Evgenia Gostrer

A garbage man on his daily routine, a black cat on her stray through the streets, a meeting during the lunch break.

Gimme All Your Love

Talia Shea Levin

In this dance narrative music video set to the Alabama Shakes' song "GIMME ALL YOUR LOVE," a woman dregs up a hazy memory of a moment from the night before to explore what happened beneath the surface.

Terminal A--St. Anthony

David Tamargo

Take a ride into the dark recesses of your mind.

The Grandma Gamer

Christopher Stoudt

Shirley Curry, an eighty-year-old from Rocky Mount, Virginia, is addicted to playing video games.


Cameron Granger

Text messages from the past inspire this experimental narrative.

Papa Machete

Jonathan David Kane

A glimpse into the life of Alfred Avril, a poor Haitian farmer who happens to be one of the few remaining masters of the mysterious martial art of Haitian machete fencing.


Reider Larsen

A scientist discovers the meaning of life.


Chris Keller

A romantic encounter between two snails with a tragic twist.


Daniel Gray + Tom Brown

That which is neglected, is lost.

Mirror in Mind

Kim Seunghee

A woman looks inside her own mind.


Andrew Butte

Music video for Disco Shrine's "Shy."

La Corde

Street Fever

Music video for Street Fever track, "La Corde," off of Afflictions EP.


Dustin Muenchow

Official music video for "Cold" by The Fontaines.


Dugan O'Neal & RyX

Official music video for "Fame" by The Acid.

Zombie Figs

Rita Baghdadi + Jeremiah Hammerling

House of Ladosha - This is UR Brain (Antonio)

Nicolas Jenkins

House of Ladosha - This is UR Brain (Riley)

Nicolas Jenkins

Bordalo Rising

Trevor Whelan + Rebecca Basaure

Bordalo II migrates his renowned 'Trash Animal' series from Portugal to Germany, creating a surprise installation at Berlin's legendary creative hub, Urban Spree.

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