Dream Machines 2017 ball pit stage

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Dream Machines are based around the songwriting duo of Harry May Kline (vocals, guitar) and Luke Burba (synthesizers, bass, vocals). Inspired in part by their love of dance and soul music from the seventies and eighties, their sound focuses on powerful grooves and multi-layered instrumentation driven by May Kline’s unique vocal prowess. Along with the rest of Dream Machines — Travis Bunn (drums), Matt Brown (saxophone) and Molly WK (vocals, percussion) — they deliver hooks and melodies descendant from the blue-eyed soul of Hall and Oates, glittering synths worthy of Brian Eno, sax solos that yearn for a yacht rock revival, and scorching guitar-vocal interplay that knocks on the door of Prince’s Revolution. Dream Machines boast a sound that harkens back to the rose-colored past while keeping one foot securely in the present.