Yonas 'St. Michael' Michael 2016 Brownies & Lemonade stage

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Formerly known as YO of Hip Hop duo UNI (2008 MTV Video Music Award for Best LA Breakout Artist), St. Michael has always renounced the norm. As the Andre 3000 of the group, his adoration for a vast spectrum of music and avant garde style remained evident while rapping alongside revered MCs Kendrick Lamar and UGK’s Bun B. Off of his new, genredefying album, Black Swan Theory, his colorful visuals for his previous Funky, falsetto single “Volvo” was added to MTV2’s rotation. With lead singles like Blessed, Yonas reverts back to his Hip Hop roots rapping over a bassheavy, soulful sample mixed with organs that exemplifies his refreshingly outlandish range. St. Michael is not making typical tunes where girls, cars and money are the subject, but unique, intimate songs that ease the soul into the cushions of a sonic voyage. Undeniably stylish, with an eye for visuals, St. Michael shows us that his artistry extends beyond his music. From gracing the lookbook for Akomplice to his recently collaboration with Miguel on the R&B artist’s latest merchandise, which embraced and expanded on the themes of Miguel’s summer LP, Wildheart. St. Michael is full of energy, and hits the nail on the hip hop/rap game. It’s what the Kendricks and J Cole’s of the world are blasting through the airwaves. Fun, good feeling, artistic and lyrics that can resonate with every thoughtful corner. A delivery style that’s so clean and sharp, and you tell that every word was destined to be written. The Black Swan Theory is St. Michael at his most sincere. This is an artist in his element.