Tate Tucker 2016 Brownies & Lemonade stage

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Tate Tucker is a recording artist/songwriter hailing from Santa Monica, California. Raised in a progressively minded, culturally vibrant household, Tate Tucker, much like his music, is a soulful hybrid. Growing up, his father, an acting coach (UPN’s “One on One” and “Cuts”) exposed him to the inner-workings of Hollywood and the entertainment industry as a whole - an experience that has served him well in his career thus far. Upon enrolling at Georgetown University,he was given the opportunity of a lifetime to perform for rapper Lupe Fiasco in Professor Michael Eric Dyson’s Sociology of Hip-Hop class. Within hours of being uploaded, the video received over 150 thousand views and from that moment on he has proceeded to make his mark on the hip-hop community. Since then, Tucker has released numerous EPs and two music videos’one of which, “Harlem Shake,” garnered over 6 million views on youtube and was even televised on CBS’s Entertainment Tonight and the song was aired on Paris’s Skyrock FM radio station. With over 100 performances under his belt, opening for artists like Big Sean and Post Malone, almost 7 million youtube views and over 10,000 followers on his social media platforms, Tate has utilized his vast network to release a string of singles, with features on Hypetrak, Stoney Roads and Too Future, all leading up to his Prelude EP which released in December, amassing over 80,000 listens with an impressive presence in the UK. In 2016, Tucker will continue to expand his sound, from collaborations with Born Dirty (Linden Jay + Son of Kick) and The Red Baron, to the soul infused melodies that will color his three part EP set to release in the spring.