String Theory 2016 cARTel Indoor stage

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STRING THEORY is an LA based performance ensemble known for their eclectic cinematic music and their invented sonic sculptures that transform architecture and environments into giant musical instruments. The result is a visually stunning and aurally expansive landscape wherin the performance unfolds. STRING THEORY’s performance resume includes the 66th EMMYs, The Grammys, Disney Hall, the FORD AMPHITHEATRE and extensive tours. You can find their music on feature films like HBO’s documentary “Cat Dancers,” Sony Pictures “Red Sands” and the indie feature “Jean-Michel Basquiat: The Radiant Child.” At its heart STRING THEORY is a dynamic rock band with classical flourishes and strong, visceral contemporary dancers. A hybrid of kinetic performance components featuring sonic sculpture, dance and original music. Their signature revolves around a series of large-scale invented instruments that transform spaces into giant musical instruments with strings running hundreds of feet.