Ro DelleGrazie 2016 Variety stage

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They say things happen in 3’s.. well that’s the perfect way to explain how Ro DelleGrazie made her way into stand up comedy in 1999. After performing a dramatic monologue about kids dying in a fire and the entire front row laughing, being told by her management team she was a little to “charcter-ey” for them and finally an acting coach advised “You should try stand up comedy cause you’re not afraid to embarrass yourself in public.” Um thanks? So she ventured into the world of comedy and was hooked instantly. Originally from New York at the start of her stand up career she was coached by Lisa Lampanelli. Ro went on the road opening up for her and working with her for 6 years. Ro has been featured on the Oxygen Network, Comcast TV and Sirius XM Radio. She also filmed a short movie called Cinderelli’s, the NY version of the fairy tale classic Cinderella. You can also see her in several different original webisodes “Ordinary Girl” and “Buona Sera News.” Ro also co-hosted a radio show with the legendary adult actress Ginger Lynn Allen called “Blame it on Ginger” where she learned things she had no idea she needed to know! Ro grew up in Long Island where she got a degree in “ball busting” and every night drama was served for dinner! Ro moved to L.A. in 2005 and started studying at the I.O West where she graduated and was part of an improv group called Tentatively Marty. Ro has performed at the top comedy clubs across the country including Comic Strip Live, Caroline’s on Broadway, The Comedy Store and The Improvs throughout California, Laugh Factory and Flappers Comedy Club just to name a few. As well as International tours for our Troops overseas. Ro stars in her own webisode every Monday on YouTube called “Ro’s Restau-RANTS!.” She brings you into the world of what servers have to deal with and provides tips on how to behave while you’re dining out.