Peter Banachowski 2016 Variety stage

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Peter Ban-a-chow-ski (I had to throw the hyphens in, saves us both the embarrassment) is an LA based comedian stemming from Small Town, Michigan where he got his start at 17 in the Metro Detroit comedy scene. With the kind of affability that makes elderly women ask him for help and homeless people tell him their life stories (truth), Peter delivers deeply personal tales and social commentary with such grace you’ll forget the topic was child abuse. A graduate of Second City Detroit, the Upright Citizens Brigade, and the Groundlings theater, jazz elements of comedic improv are scattered throughout his act to keep the audience and himself guessing for a one of a kind show every time. Peter has opened for Paul Reiser, Gilbert Gottfried, Todd Glass, Eddie Ifft, and shared stages with Aziz Ansari, Amy Schumer, Arsenio Hall, Adam Devine, Craig Robinson, and many others. You can catch him regularly at the Comedy Store in LA, the Hollywood Improv, and other Improvs around the nation.