MadBliss 2016 Brownies & Lemonade stage

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Daniel Amaya is MadBliss, an 18 year old producer/DJ from Burbank, California in the Los Angeles district. MadBliss has been making beats since the age of 14 and has progressed more and more each year. He is currently a member of the Film Noir Sound collective, home to artists such as Oshi, Medasin, Krs., and many more. MadBliss has caught the attention of likes such as RL Grime, Diplo, Mr. Carmack, and a handful of the Soulection DJ’s/artists. MadBliss is planning on releasing an EP summer 2016 and it will be his first project release since February 2014. Expect big things from MadBliss as we keep an eye out for him for the rest of 2016.