Late Night Laggers 2016 Shifty Rhythms stage

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In 2013, Late Night Laggers started as a group of friends creating special moments for music and art lovers in Los Angeles. Three years later, our purpose remains to produce explicitly memorable experiences and inspire those around us to join in the fun. Through our events, we aim to bring together forward-thinking musicians, DJs, designers, producers and live artists to create previously untapped collaborations between them that ultimately push music culture and art further than ever before.

A Lagger production is more than a just party, it’s a place for discovering new music, new art, new friends and new possibilities. Our curated series’ like Calentura, Plugged In, Tropixx and Sunset Club have brought together these different artistic elements in an effort to keep the Los Angeles music and art scene evolving and looking toward new horizons. Though we may not be driving the whole scene, we’re certainly happy to be doing our part.