Ice Cream 2016 cARTel Outdoor stage

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Get creamed, darling. ICE CREAM’s sweet dairy nectar is farmed from all over North America. Frontman Joseph Sample hails from Grand Rapids bringing that classic Michigan milk and honey, Bassist Bryce Fernandez is a transplant from Hawaii with the cocoa butter, Louie Rappoport is a bay area native and is responsible for cutting most of the cheese. Kevin Fielding is an ex-pat from Toronto who usually just shows up with syrup.

Toted as the Bay Area’s answer to the Black Lips, as well as drawing comparisons to the Strokes and Van Halen, ICE CREAM penetrates ears unforgivingly. Dirty, yet, melodic. Sloppy, yet, clean. A perfect blend of lucious licks and shitty tricks that will leave you needing a cold shower and a cigarette.