Disco Shrine 2016 cARTel Indoor stage

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The dichotomy of Disco Shrine is inherent in their name. Half party, half spiritual devotional to said party, they are damn serious about having a damn good time. And that’s what their debut EP Soft Fur is all about. Falling in love? Dance it up. Broken heart? Dance it out. Bored? Dance it through. Lazy? Just go home then. Disco Shrine is the passion project of LA-based natives Jessica Delijani and Tommy Nickerson. The duo began their collaboration as a result of heartache from both of their recently ended relationships. However, instead of clinging on to their pasts, they decided that together they would combine their talents to make catchy synth pop dance tunes.

You wouldn’t expect glittery synth pop, echoey vocals, and funky guitar riffs, born from seasoned veterans of the folk and rock realms, but that’s exactly what Disco Shrine is: unpredictable and oxymoronic. Their music demands dancing, but leaves a nostalgic aftertaste for something that’s too far gone.