Cam & China 2016 Brownies & Lemonade stage

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The year is 2025, and twins Cam & China are smirking as they receive the newly-minted Lifetime Achievement Award For Shit-Talking at the 67th Annual Grammys. The jerkin’ movement may not have had much of a lifespan outside of L.A. high schools circa ‘09-10, but it was always obvious Inglewood five-piece Pink Dollaz were the best of the bunch, with a couple tapes of filthy-ass tag-team raps about cunnilingus and casual misandry over skeletal proto-ratchet beats. “Straight killin’ off you jerks, straight killin’ off you ratchets/ I could bust a backflip, ‘cause stunting is a habit,” China (then Cee Cee) effortlessly snarled on ‘09 Myspace hit “Don’t Need No”.

Cam & China have broken off on their own since then, and though the sisters have yet to drop an official project, their SoundCloud loosie track record over the past year and a half has been spotless, from “Do Dat”, a raunchy response to Ty Dolla $ign’s semi-rhetorical dare (“I bet you can’t do that with a dick on it”), to “Nada”, a broke boy-trashing DJ Mustard production. But their latest is their toughest yet: “Run Up”, produced by League of Starz’ ever-reliable Jay Nari. No one’s feelings are spared: they’re out here fucking hapless dudes to meet their daily cardio quota and ensuring that basics who’ve dared make prolonged eye contact never make that mistake again. To close, they threaten to beat up every member of your immediate and extended family. Please do not try this at home—or, hey, go for it and hope you sound half as bad-ass.

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