Air Life 2016 cARTel Indoor stage

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The “hyper-talented Taylor Dexter,” as Los Angeles Magazine called him, is in the driver’s seat for Air Life, singing, producing and serving as the band’s primary writer on songs that pull together influences including Chaka Khan and Michael Jackson with a modern twist. The result is a future soul pop fusion that calls to mind contemporaries Mark Ronson and Little Dragon. Air Life, rounded out by some of L.A.’s finest young musicians including Brijesh Pandya (drums), Brad Babinski (bass), Derek Howa (keys), Cassandra Violet (vocals), Mark Einhorn (saxophone), Blake Straus and Wesley Singeman (guitars) continue their momentum with their latest single “Searchin’ For An Answer” which Okayplayer called “an eclectic mix of funk and pop that stews in one’s ears like a flavorful, melodious gumbo.”