Adamn Killa 2016 Brownies & Lemonade stage

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Adamn Killa grew up on the South Side of Chicago listening to artists such as Lil Wayne, Cam’ron, Ja Rule, Kanye West and 50 Cent. In his youth he aspired to eventually be in the NBA, but because of his height, decided instead to pursue his passion of playing baseball. Growing up in the South Side wasn’t easy; most of his peers were broke and violence consumed their environment. The violence was so commonplace for him and his peers that young people that lived there believed it was normal… eventually he looked towards rap, not baseball, as a way out. Adamn started getting into rap around the time Da Drought 3 dropped in 2007, but didn’t start actually rapping until about two years ago, when he acquired his first MacBook and took advantage of what Garageband had to offer. Since that time he has perfected his craft and developed his own individual sound. Adamn wants to use rap to not only further his career, but to help take his mom and family out of the hood. If Adamn notices anything on tour, it’s that outside of Chicago, other U.S. cities don’t have to worry as much about gun violence, or violence in general, which he frequently encounters in the South Side. The 19 year-old rapper is well on his way. He is known today for his unique ear for melodies and atmospheric beat selection, in addition to his infectious sing-song flow over that production. Tracks such as “Mavericks”, “Y-3”, and “Know What They Payin” showcase Adamn’s talent for penning addictive hooks, as well. With looks from FACT Magazine, Pigeons & Planes,Fake Shore Drive, and Southern Hospitality, more major blogs are starting to take notice. Be on the lookout for Adamn’s new mixtape Back 2 Ballin due out March 2016 to make some waves this year.