AbJo 2015 Shifty Rhythms stage

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AbJo (real name Aaron Nash) is a producer/DJ from San Diego, CA, and a mainstay on LA music label Soulection. A classically and jazz-trained musician since his childhood days, AbJo began producing and making beats late in high school, leading him through several colleges and a bachelor’s degree in audio production/engineering to play his tunes and meticulously curated playlists across the country and overseas. Aside from a plethora of beat tapes and other solo projects, he has produced for many recording artists, from Jesse Boykins III and MeLo-X in New York, to remixing tracks for Dirty Science’s Blu & Exile, and of course, for his fellow local musicians and vocalists like Real J. Wallace and Mr. Brady. AbJo played numerous shows at SXSW, this year at the Okayplayer showcase, made his debut at Coachella in 2013, and recently had his debut show in February at the fabled Low End Theory in LA. Ab is a weathered, but young and versatile sound crafter, and claims no boundaries to his musical expression…