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yOya is the project of longtime songwriting partners Alex Pfender and Noah Dietterich. Natives of Corvallis, Ore. and friends since the fourth grade, Pfender and Dietterich grew up to the sound of rain in the fir trees and ‘Graceland’ on cassette. When the duo moved to California to study music they found themselves semi-consciously absorbing the electronic sounds of the LA scene. What emerged was yOya’s unique mix of folk-hearted songs, intricate vocal harmony, gritty synths, and thundering electronic beats.

Since the release of their debut full-length “Nothing To Die” in 2010, yOya has toured extensively through the western states and picked up fly dates on the east coast and midwest. Along the way they’ve shared stages with Avi Buffalo, Dawes, RJD2, The 88, The Seedy Seeds, and Crystal Antlers, among many others. They’ve appeared at SXSW as well as college festivals in Minnesota, California, and New York. July 2013 saw the release of their EP “Go North” from New Professor Music, no. 14 on Buzz Bands LA’s year-end list of local EPs. Their new single “Fool’s Gold” was released by the same label on February 11th, 2014, with a video and much more to follow this spring.