VIBES 2014 cARTel stage

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VIBES is a movement, a feeling, a place to stay.

Comprised of Templeton, Death House of Love, and Alex Slavin, VIBES is a project that bridges the gap between musical experiments and honest dance music. With soulful hooks, deep layers of disco synths, and a sunshine-like aura, VIBES is now building a local following, all while moving from a DJ set with vocals to a full live show to showcase their musical ability as a band.

With the release of their first EP, “Stone Floors and Calm Tigers” in August of 2013, VIBES was able to showcase not only the sublime musical stylings of Templeton and Death House of Love, but the one-of-a-kind vocals of Mr. Alex Slavin. With a mix of Billy Joel-esque harmonies and a powerful delivery reminiscent of Huey Lewis, Alex truly stands apart from the crowd of “dance music” vocalists with his impressive range and style.

Their new single, “Fast Train”, will be released on on April 2nd, alongside a full remix package.