Saint 2014 Shifty Rhythms stage

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Equal parts living art project and heavy, avant garde club music beatsmith are two of the best descriptions that come to mind when it comes to Los Angeles producer and artist Saint. Saint consistently manages to deliver fun, high energy club music, all the while remaining one of the most forward thinking, unique, left field producers in today’s scene. A true rarity in modern electronic music, Saint is the quintessential artistic chameleon. His talent lies in fitting into any genre while still maintaining his signature touch. Whether making heavy club-rap tracks, percussion driven House floor-fillers, or experimenting with new genres, Saint manages to blend into every world while establishing his own rules and sonic atmosphere. From Grammy nominated producers, International pop stars, to underground rappers and DJs, his unique sound is championed by some of the most cutting edge artists of today. With air play spanning across several BBC networks, Top 40 Urban radio, Sirius XM Radio, and support from notable artists of every level and genre, Saint continues to gain momentum with his unique sound and art-minded releases.