Oh Blimey 2014 Brownies & Lemonade stage

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Hailing from the heart of San Francisco, transplanted in Los Angeles, Oh Blimey is a rapper, singer and songwriter armed with an unmatched passion for artistry. Oh Blimey’s musical background extends two generations, to a blues musician father and jazz musician grandfather, which adds unique depth to her musical knowledge. Soon after discovering her adoration for hip-hop and love of poetry, she recognized her own affinity for lyricism. At the age of twelve, Oh Blimey gained clout battling MC’s on the school yard and returned to the craft to claim epic victories in the world’s largest battle league, Grindtime Now, which in 2012 gained her a feature on SPIN Magazine’s “50 Biggest Moments in White Girl Rap of All Time”. Blimey has since released two projects while narrowing her focus on writing and performing tunes. Her go-getter mindset, dreamer’s spirit, and West Coast flavor are all reflected in her edgy-dynamic lyrics and her musical versatility is sure to be exhibited in coming projects. A free tape is due from The Blimes this summer as a “snack” for the fans while waiting on her full-length debut album, plus her upcoming EDM release with hip-hop legend Too $hort can be previewed in these Vibe Magazine & Complex Music write ups.