Neo Fresco 2014 Shifty Rhythms stage

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After years of fine-tuning a perfect balance between production and performance, skill and spontaneity, and securing a strong presence in the Los Angeles dance culture as the founder of music collective Shifty Rhythms, Kyle DePinna has culminated all those elements into his brainchild Neo Fresco. Having worked with artists such as Diplo and the Mad Decent label and providing live background to the rise of rapper Iggy Azalea, it’s clear that he’s found his groove. Fluctuating between club-savvy 808′s and permeating samples that sound like Cerberus at the mouth of the River Styx, Neo Fresco reinforces the notion that ‘antigenrefication’ will be an agent that the next wave of electronic music will employ. And with good reason, if he’s carrying the torch.