Francisco The Man 2014 cARTel stage

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“[Francisco The Man] effectively mesh static, reverbed instrumentation with sun-kissed, beach rock guitar riffs to create hazy, laid back, and infectious tunes.” – Prefix “Broken Arrows begins as innocent, pastoral indie only to erupt into an awesomely caterwauling, Doug Martsch- styled guitar assault. As misdirections go, they rarely come more jolting or effective.” – NME “[Broken Arrows] is a cinematic 6-minute excursion with the expansiveness of Band of Horses” – Buzzbands LA “…feel-good kind of rock & roll. The surfer aesthetic paired with sixties AM…”– Friends With Both Arms “ [It’s] ambitious rock… the type of rock that is too small for usual clubs, that sounds widescreen enough to fill the space of big arenas.” – We All Want Someone