Colin O’Brien-Lux 2014 Lounge stage

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Born in New York, raised in Maryland, kitchen-folk artist Colin O’Brien-Lux has been recording and performing on and off in Los Angeles for the last few years. Sometimes operating under the name of Grandma, Colin is primarily a solo artist with a drive to collaborate. He is currently working with Sam Parkin and Jesse Dameron-Johnstone of independent Breakfast House Studios on the soon to be released EP Dishes. Colin’s sound has no interest in stabilizing, starting as a softer “why don’t we lay down and look at the ceiling” type EP with Angel Will You Marry Me, moving on to a more experimental-sound-art piece with Galaxy, and now embracing electricity and crunch with Dishes. Also, Colin’s work has shown an interest in being theme oriented. Angel Will You Marry Me draws on the personal experience of being raised a Jehovah’s Witness, considering the possibility of love leading to faith and faith leading to love. Galaxy takes on the Zodiac with a track for each astrological sign. And Dishes pursues bliss through boredom.