Buddy 2014 Brownies & Lemonade stage

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Buddy has put in a good amount of work on his own and has been one of the major players within the West Coast’s thriving music scene. And this is mainly due to his sharp delivery and even sharper lyrical content.

However, it isn’t just a co-sign that gives Buddy a great chance at stardom. The kid spits bars that are well beyond his 20 years spent here on earth, which has been evident since he dropped his very impressive 2011 single ‘Awesome Awesome.’

On the bass-heavy Neptunes produced track, Buddy spits colorful raps that give the listener a clear picture of the things he’s passionate about.

But Buddy just doesn’t write verses about his West Coast lifestyle and upbringing, he can also create detailed stories, using extremely clever wordplay.

Just listen to the song ‘Bell Ring,’ where he rhymes about a teenage love from his high school days and you’ll get a clear sense of why the Compton rapper belongs on this list. Good things are certainly in store for this young talented Compton MC.