Azad Right 2014 Brownies & Lemonade stage

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An artist’s narrative is what makes him or her either intriguing or dismissible before the music is heard. In the world of modern urban music, there isn’t much that hasn’t been portrayed, embodied or talked about in a fresh way. Every once in awhile, someone enters the game with a new perspective which offers an interesting slant on the culture with an opportunity to influence the masses in a positive way. That claim has been made by many before in the past by many a rapper, but tell me if you’ve heard this before: a Venice, California native, son of a divorced-blind poet, who grew up playing both the piano and violin, with a Bachelor’s degree of Iranian descent. Enter Azad Right. “My story is something that people should know about. Hip-Hop culture has grown so much and I’m living proof. Ten years ago, an Iranian-American rapper was an impossible career choice. In 2013, I plan to make it my reality.”