Alex Isley 2014 Brownies & Lemonade stage

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As the songwriter and producer of all of her music, Alex Isley takes great pride in the influence and legacy of her family’s music; her father, Ernie Isley, and her uncles are collectively the Isley Brothers.

She started classical vocal training at the age of 12 and later went on to attend the LA County High School for the Arts, where she discovered her love for not only listening to, but for performing jazz as well.

During her college years at UCLA, Alex began songwriting, drawing from her own life experiences as well as those of friends and family. She wrote most of what would later become her first self-written and produced debut EP, “The Love/Art Memoirs,” which she released in Spring, 2012. The EP’s single, “Set In Stone,” was featured in the film “The Last Fall,” which debuted on BET and is currently airing on Netflix.

She recently released her second self-written and produced project, “DreamsInAnalog,” and is currently working on her next project, as well as several covers and collaborations.