Mann 2013 Brownies & Lemonade stage

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Mann took an interest in rap at age 13 and at the age of 16 was known as “Metro”. Mann put together a CD titled ‘The Victim’ which is now out of print. He soon became a member of the rap group ‘Knights at the Round Table’, it was then that he would become known as his third persona ‘Madcidsadour’. Knights at the Round Table soon became Pathic, a nine member rap group. Two CDs where recorded with Pathic, “Consequences” which has not been released and “Opposition” which featured Esham and B-Legit and was released in June 2001. It was then re-released by Long Range Distribution as “Opposition v2.” Between the two editions, the album sold more than 15 thousand copies. With the street buzz and hard foot work the name Pathic stayed hot in the streets. The Pathic Boyz also co-founded the crew ‘Detroit Connection’. Mann was also featured on the compilation ‘Guilty Til Proven Innocent’ which sold thousands of copies released by 2Real Records.