BEeFF 2013 Brownies & Lemonade stage

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What’s wrong with rappers today? Sure, there’s only ever been one truly “perfect” rap album*, but over the decades, iconic hip hop artists have always enjoyed an outsized role as style icons, party ambassadors, and social documentarians. Unfortunately, with Jay-Z’s retirement and Kanye West’s recent severe head injury, a new generation of white people from the suburbs has no hip hop superstars to look up to. Luckily, two young men from Baldwin Hills are here to rub heated oils on your back and play music into your face. Welcome to the world of BEeFF.

BEeFF (Bertran Evan & every Fucking Female) is an artistic movement consisting of the aforementioned Bertran (Cooper) and Evan (Washington), as well as your girlfriend, who met them that time she said she was going to meet her friends at this art show but then was gone a weirdly long amount of time and her phone was going straight to voicemail. As longtime collaborators with emerging major artists such as Shawn Chrystopher, Mann, and Fly Guys, BEeFF makes music firmly rooted in the rhythms and spirit of West Coast hip hop, with a heavy dose of humor and artistic flair that reflects their intense creativity and pop culture obsessions. In other words, you can’t see them on any level.

With four studio projects already completed (including 2011’s DAVíD, which the LA Times described as a “strong and singular” release with “a weird fascination with David Letterman”), two high-profile music video releases (Pizza Party and Beautiful Women Dying), and several successful tours up and down the California coast, BEeFF is closer than ever to their ultimate goal of being so young, rich and fake that they can stop talking to regular people forever and ascend to their rightful place amongst such greats as William Shatner, Jeff Goldblum and the illustrious Sir Elton John.

BEeFF realizes that you’re looking to them to save the future of hip hop. It’s their complete lack of interest in doing this that should give you hope that they might actually be able to pull it off.